cant sleep

dear homointernticus poupluation
mum is over to help with the floor which is still incomplete but hey it will get done soon enough
just put the world service on
americana is on the air now
it 12 44 am
i need sleep
i am not sure what else to write may be i should look at the markets
the ftse 100 is down -0.91%
courtesy of the ft .com
going to check blackberry app
for some companies info
bloomberg mobile app says ftse 100
last 56890 chg -52 chg|& -0.90
time 11 /22
blackberry stocks rim last 59.30 chg +0.64 %chg +1.09 time 11/12
reuters app
the app is just going to get the data
i am going to have a smoke
ive had my smoke
the reuters app says
ftse 100 index
5680.83 -52.00
ftse 100 index
last 5680.83
open 5732.83
percent -o.91%
high 5783.14
low 5668.48
52 week range 5902.11-4790.04
avg volume 845881.00
the bloomberg app is off by .1% which made check the retuers app
there for it is going to view as many sources of financial data
i look forward to being able to interpret the information my ou will help hopefully anyway thats all for now

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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