sorry typos

be robbed electroncally  money wise is far far easier  than real money

me if i am lucky i will make it a special place somewhere

computer security is always a sad joke much like illusions and phoney choices

the TRUTH  who accepts anyone i wish you luck

me i have plans and im trying to what i can with what i have

but sorry its all to little to late

i am trying to get my shit sorted

but you know people

sorry communication overloads is a massive way

people want to talk to me every minute of hours and i will find peace maybe when i get to coast

good luck

one day people will respect me if i can make to my special place and well get left alone

especially by some magic illusions i know more than you could not guess good luck

thanks for everything time is time the true justice do what you want

me im trying to make the most of every second i have

and well i wish  people would not  lie bully cheat and steal but they do i did once because i was young kid but never mind

the illusions which run the world believe what you like

magic is magic good and good magic

try if you can spend your time true i am

and well i got to move hopefully i can

who know well see

i love magic and illusions

just which ones i will not show you how

secrets are secrets best kept if anyone in the modern of anti social media

good night and good luck

thanks to those that love me and good bye till next time

i really do hope things get better

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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