is nt mr vial always such a denial like mr cenial

my answers works or does it or arent we all denial like mr fright with a terrible light want it true oh we wish
much like trying to pluder mr thunder aint it fatal aint aint all a terrible blunder
sorry about my jokes ialso blownie with mr moanie and mr phonie can iphone never because well of mr blunder and mr flatery
good luck with mr hammer and mr brain and elain aint it a lie like mr torture or is
can people ever beleive mr and blownie never will they its true or is it see what u
illusion is good unless u meet hammer and m chip always with mr snip good
i know the truth aint it awlays blownie phone

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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