mr ckrett my name is maloney blowney and phoney

my name real maloney balony i do have a problem with mr blowny and mr phoney is can iiphoney isnt it always  phoney all the time good with mr battery we always meet mr flattery dont meet his wife shes lethal with mr craigs list wasnt it always mr corny and mr horny this all like balonie malony and can i i phoney can anyone see whats  phoney or mr afford who s like record it no body can afford it afer mr axe and mr lethal cut or mr lethal but good luck mr axe whees my mate mr cronie always can i iphoney we get mr flaterry with quite lot of mr lethal battery can i see mr movement and mr cronie please love mr maloney balony mr ckrett thanks

good luck with mr price hes a wanker aint a he  banker that stole the mr ckrett or was it everyones money like mr tax trying to  ring mr and mrs  iphoney do u see we all wish mr price like mr tax would like meet mr axe nut is isnt it all the sad old story the sad old tory we prefer the good glory good luck ill be can iphoney and deal mr  flattery and deal a lot or mr blowney like the blowney times

its all true

none should see mr gear or mr ear or queer or mr fear its all to much mr tax or mr cut

itsnt the occult always your fault good times are so balony its mr malony trying always to deal mr phoney

mr android is always really paranoid dont meet mr lethal cuts or mr lethal butts

phoney is always phoney aint it true like the balowny times good i hate mr cut

good luck with the cuts

can i saw you in half just for a laugh heres the other half dont we all laugh

anyone get mr lethal pount like mr axe

good luck its all phoney and i ring mr iphoney forever

and well mr cuts is always gory like mr tory and the same old story we all prefer the old glory dont we now as alwyas its all phoney can i  iphoney  love malony

i hate the balony with mr torie or mr glory but isnt it always the same old story its all phone

good luck mr android mr lethal point is mr lethal pont

i met benjamin theolbold grimes wlways with the time trying to a dime is it acrime is there always is there rosemary time always im sure il be fine good luck

thanks mr balony good luck with mr e

please dont mr cloud to you proud its aint aloud sorry its true aint it all can i phoney with mr phoney and flaterry

wheres the silver and gold it aint a luagh like il saw you in half


About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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