mr death does he ever listen no sorry hes deaf

hes like mr experiment and well mr scinence and mr wpllicance there lethals everyoness allways hated death i beat it or did i or or does anyone every can i be alonie never from mr phoney
mr deaf is why none likes mr phoney and its always true and mrs dress and stress dress it up the truth will always be real what ever the expeiment how ever much the world tutns
please dont meet mr clown thres always a frown
mr ilussion choose it alll day every will a nightmare come true may may be not isnt mr magic always tragic
good lcuk mr science and mr torture

arent we always having a good luagh arent we all sawn in half here the half or are we

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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