mr smack aint like a crack like a good old dont he always get back and hit the sack or is all one big jack nows how the back just like a good crack aint we all love good luck with mr lethals and mr point

wont we be like mr butts if were like mr cuts cuts mr butts sells the issues isnt allways trouble

who does hate mr cuts

name is now malonie balonie and phoney or is  like the times i dont know i met mr vial one to many timens

i really hope mr axe meets mr tax and the good old tory so we can tell story and have all the glory and never mr tory good bye mr camera man wasnit  it we hope  just not buy  ukip the snip anit they taking a sip and getting a bit jip true its malonie

i love mr balonie there s quite few just like times

with mr camera man wasnt it good lost when it was not the tories being gory or dowe allways get the same old story love our morning but never mr camera man tories

ukip and mr cuts at all like mr chip who s got jip oh mr jippo with the zippo didnt he make napalm

sorry im being always to to unfair or does any mr fare aint he a clair wasnr it an eclair oh how unfair just like mr price or our we all rolling the dice have mice or lice things are are not nice like mr price

balonie malonie aint it

there always a balonie like mr times he told me a story like the times

how nice good like mr price we wish your nice all the time and less mr lethals but how uncanny is nt was nt about hanny


About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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