mr story mr gory the same old tory cant we have glory hopefully never for mr phoney tory phone camera man in a way we did but did nt we let snip like ukip and it was very mr lethals and mr cuts and buts all way to much balonie like the time aint women always in labour dous a favour can i save her we wish could like money and labour and its never funny sad but true please be kind to mr blind noone ever is like mr stark im always twilight like mr might and mr night and it always right mr dark whos always to stark and aint it all good lark like a noise whos got the poise or was that lethal

thanks blonie say new other than iphoney can i

thanks im ballonie mallonie and mr phoney good luck with mr flatter insult and batter with chips was nt it

iphoney blonie

i wish you luck mr brian and a good complain aint it  always elaine and insane

always now mr lethals cuts and buts and never free from mr free and mr ear aint always qeer just like the same old thats what you get if see mr electric and either eleaine or prick like mr electric lethal

can talk no because no one can walk wheres my falk up my bum hole like mr a hole and aint always and can defeat mr paranoia or also mr paranoid android like mr data the hata

hollow is always are hard swallow does nt the south always have a bad mouth

im going north

always monie blownie about mr cuts and buts well aint we all cut all except mrs mugs with with big jugs or was it mr mugs so much for the thugs and slugs mr lethals

blowniey iphoney can i be alonie

good luck with mr department of no work and no pensions only mr cuttsand  mr buts sorry we could axe mr tax could we would or would we antisocial  all mr gob the nob with no job or is he

and can mr love move no aint it the shove where the dove up our bum holes

]cheers blownie iphone can i prove or use mr iphone sorry only mr flatter and batter especially like mr and  mrs smart with with crap jam tarts but sorry aint iphoney can i

iphoney is never there good luck \

dont people mrlike vial to be sir vial to bad blonie is blonie no phoney from mr telephone


but aint it mr denial of mr no service money or time where the dime aint it a good chime no its a slime mr lime and a rhyme  and aint it always cenile

mr denial is always in denial abouta chinobly and wobble and oh aint ita nobble or it isnt it

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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