mr trap and it always crap and can i slap it or wheres crap can we do it

phonie ballony

mr irate and mr dictate and aint it always true who beats mr irate or is it to late oh we mr hate mr hate is like mr irate and he does like to try and be mr dictaphoen but aint a dictaphone good especialy can iphone be alonie or get my croni or mr afford it  can i record it no like mr always trying to lord it no one does lord it or do they

dont people love mr addictaphone or was it mr afford it or record it whatch out for mr lethal point and mr heron

phoney bloney always

what  mrs pickcard up to always picking on phone and aint a pic hard like a big dick but aint that a blunder just like mr thunder sorry imeant mr good old pic


mr hard pic is lethals good luck mr hard big aint u such a dic which loves mr price and a rise like good old bankers the wankers with there rich wankers

thank you mr and mrs wank all we can say all you are is skank like the banks and thanks a lot especialy mr private dick thats always shooting his mouth off all over the south

there is only ever mr pic any is always such dick yeah who does like how it always sucks

blownie iphone cheer my names mallonie really

shut it mr git dont give me a hit fuck off it aint a joke like mr smoke or isit

dosent mr fuck it always suck it and did nt always kick the bucket like mr fuck it

mr git your hit is shit always leave it out can you

can iphoney to say it sorry mr flatter and batter leave it ok good luck email overload hate mail no sail and fail sale cant it be left out hate mail the mail like the paper whos always with a caper wheres the taper

mr crap trap sorry u need a passport to through get through mr macs airport and mr rip off aint its always off never is it iphoney is google always froogle sorry time its crap like a good old trap

and dont me started i farted  no id is like mr senial always in denial

mr tight always want fight is right no its shight and mr light wrong yes in many ways all to lethal mr blind can he leave us behind no because it anyone kind is it always can iphoney and the blind leading the blind and mr ear with mr qeer and the fear and the gear good lucks with queery cheery feary

]mr sunsets always a blue moonie like mr good moany aint it alwaysi can iphoney

does anyone get mr leave no never like  a mr to much choice or do we yeah does anyone really want to

is nt sound like a round pound cant be found around aint it been shaved off

mr shave also has a rave always dont  he

were always getting mr cutts shaving and raving like loony balonie moanie

aint it dont make sound pound like how its gone round especially now like balonie times

well aint i just canny get no sleep because of evil bleep aint we all sheep

aint all out quaters trying tobe led  to the slaughters just like daughters sad but true

good luck with mr move no time ever not enoughs hours in the day

if were living in the days of thunder aint it always a terrible blunder because of mr price the banker wanker no one has the assualt and  flatery and what happens to a mr battery good luck mr batter

cant we all be a rich wanker no because no one is a giver of liver like mr river aint always a shiver does he deliever well always a slither and its always mr assualt and mr batter how about  mr battery no one defeats mr flatter we all like it  one way dont we not two

can iphoney mr phoney no its always mr cronie moan and gronie never a good cronie

its phoney bloney for ever aint to bad my loss dont take everything sorry im mr cenial always in denial

whos the best we read aint  it always were all really dead where is mr read with mr vial and mr dial and and it always vile aint it all going to while dont get mr read by mr head he always bled you dry till u die unlees its can iphoney

can anyone ever read what said i did about mister but then bled because of alls way two much phoney and blonie mr moany mr neagtive and mytser totrure then i was nearly dead i know mr rasputin or do i phoney bloonie alway find iphone and mr flatter and and get mr flatter from mr afford it we all wish could it never is without mr record and its always crminal and a bit like mr grime and the crime not mention slimey grimey

or its iphoney thanks and good malonie been to much balonie today cheer

can i relax from mr tax or mr axe never i wish could like mr torture

cheer thanks banker wanker like aint i true

never trust a fool who could not do school liars and cheats just like people always like

mr appliance gave me back  my science


fools are schools are they whappens the pools aint it ailways fools and mr torture modern education not to trusted thank s mrs thatcher the and mr and mrs snatch where the thatch aint there always catch can it be fixed oh do get fix nothing but mr really bad debts like mr let down

isnt mr flogger a very good blogger and dogger ive six hacks and six wacks good luck

mr moor is always so poor he s on the floor by door with awhore who always sore and can never score like trying to get though fucking we had go in ducking but all we heard was sucking and fucking

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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