mrs fanny is mrs hanny keep out of mr craigs list mr picks of big dicks its crap we get mr irrate mr manuiplate and well mr dictate aint they tryng mr fix it with mr perve its all boring good luck mr optic or did they ever fix it or was always such a prick like mr big dick whos always private sorry this is mr shit bad joke aint like a smoke aint my dyer with the never ending flat or do we tyer

can retire like my dyer we wish we could does anybody no its a dyer flat tyer aint it

who had there finger on mrs fanny not mr fidelity never him

mr cum was never a good sum like mr banker wanker who stole everyones money

thanks balonie aint it

oh not make a wish hes always fish and its smells dont it aint it fishy and phoney

alright balonie keep on mr monie the times will always be so

dont get fishy with mr fish

mr cum is alwyas in scum oh did nt he cum and wasntit  a bad sum or was it  like the maths of mr wanker banker dont we wish all we were like that wanker or mr pic and that dick maybe good luck mr choice or aint we all like mr cum slum whos mrs mum

and mr phoney the lot

dont cry mr eye spy mr lie or mr lie all a quality phoney lie or is mr fry

can we retire from balonie never it s mr dyer will never retire with a flat tyer or are we tyed up with time

oh not mr dont get it never let it or him in he always  bet on it mr fishy dont he stink like i think balonie

not mr lord it can he afford it or record it sorry balonie the cronie

aint mr neagtive like mr camera man was yeah very so like phoney can iphoney

especially with bad mr monies and cronies

if you go blind please kind its hard to find oh if only mr phoney and please mr stark the and the dark and the good lark please do not bark balonie all of it and can iphoney always mr flattery

oh theres alls ways mr recall call it call it like mr iphoney never is nt allways a smile is int vial denial am going senile yeah sorry i met mr lorry could he never say sorry

dont we all wish we could beat a bitch aren t they all not rich they all want mr price the banker wanker or dont we all like rick wanker or dont we ever recal or is mr let down hes lethals we all do sorry bad new have u seen ques

isnt mrs whore always way to sore to score aint we all especially about mr price the always saying roll the dice mrs whore is like a rich bitch but then they never are women wish they were that why they all like the suffergette but aint we all suffering from balonie and monie and the the bast clock could mr cock

thanks for reading

i wish mrs bird wasnt nerd or a terd and like a aint she heard or was it mrs scummy cummy lovely yummy mummy  who smealt it dealt it

mr give it up and aint he alwaytrying live up can he no no man can go with fanny looked what happend to mr hanny was nt it mr banner with grab spanner like mr hammer and spammer and jammer

mr banner always trying to get a manor but all he gets is mrs spanner round the head

whats the manor of being funny not good is it like mr recall call it never mr iphony its mrs flattery which types does any one ever get we all like one not the other

we are have a laugh and try lauugh were we all sawn in half hows mrs other half not good

can i recall mr can icall i it iphoney

well about my can the man with man have a plan aintit a with bad plan aint he always in the can whats the span

and hes always on the can

best get yours manners right mr manor

oh mr love dont give me shove or send up dove to cove no i lost it

balomie phonie monie all day every wish the bitch was rich and there was not hit  like lit mr git ainta smoke a really bad joke like we smoke or do we choke

and mr shoot it oh good loot it if you can or loot it

there alway can mr shoot it can be kind probably or can aint it lethal  did mr delete it meet it  or did it slete it and or was it snowed  under like  what a blunder like mr thunders goung plunder look out

balonie again mr and my mr manor im vial going cenile and denial whens the trial not for quite while good luck lethal

not mr ever green hes always after mr green its all so mean like machine and mr clean and aint it all cool except can i iphoney mr flat battery

where mr clean aint he the same

the chicks and the dicks and sick aint it  and and aint it so slick like mr stick em up yeah he did get em up or did we not want to em all them get up like a private dick

dont we love a game of shoot at or was it stick it in like a private dick but whats whos privates  mr and mrs fanny and like a nanny good luck with hanny

sorry is god not always a sod that goes plod and dont we have a good nod or dont they want that who does in a way good old friar the lie aint dyer sorry im being a sod

can i retire mr dyer arent a you good and badf very lyer yes sir cant we all retire aint we alike jack and the hack or we all get who sack the any sleep  or retire from the dyer balonie times ever or lose are jobs like mr gob

sorry mr gob happens to anti social media and whos got a job aint we all a nob but wheres bob having a blow on a job or was that in the mouth didnt it all go south

its to much all the time like mr vial whos always in denial and there always a trial goodluck with mr monie and mr gob am i got my job or it all like to much like a bad lad or sad aint it all like mr neagtive we all hope it never develops but people always do

especially mr neagtive

good luck trying to its all ways the tory with same old story and mr phoney whos phoney

aint it all whos to say

people pay me mr ray who does say he always does slay with tray and theres always nothingpay or say does anyone ever get away from mr ray  just like mr neagtive

we all wish could buts its there always a mr bloney and a phoney where is it just

just like the times or the paper or the slime or lime or the grime is there a dime can i make one  and i m out of sink with mr pink and mrs dont it all stink like i think

the balonie times alway like can iphoney but mr flatter and batter and dont we all have a good natter and a chatter blownie iphonie but whats phoney

please dont sing like mr hollow hes always hard  to swallow like a bird who s a  nerd and whats that slimey terd

mr lethals very funny

aint this all a very funny buissness and money it aint it never funny



About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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