oh can any beat mr and mrs stalker there from manorca and theylove mr jack and hack and the good old bad crack on mr paranoid android aintit cracking us up no its lethal like mr nudtity on anti social media

good distractions are aways a bad fraction of time  can any one do subtraction never from mr facebook anti social nonsense

is nt mr clever forever aint he called trever like mr lethals dont he meet mr sever the never like mr axe or was that mr lethal tax or was mr tax always abit to able relax

was he only to mr accord and to mr record and mrs afford it but according to mr record it it never was or was it

i wish we didnt  all face mr axe and mr lethal tax but mr cut is mr cut aint it sad about the mr buts never sorted was it or also snorted by them and never sorted or was that a mr lethal

phoney aint it all has always been to true

dont make mr liberal miserable never glory for old new tory who likes a  gory story which well aint always the labour woman need help with always like mr being up the duff with terrible stuff or was it it aint mummy yummy yeah yeah it is it aint it

we allways want a good old glory but never for the same story from you mr tory like mr camera man

sorry my writing off today to repeats like mr good old lethal beat with thugs and crap drugs im always trying to avoid the slugs

can anyone mary harry dont we all parry and say sorry harry wheres larry or is there any ever one to marry no how does that tarry

sorry elaine and insane the membraine with mrs eliane with there theres all ways to kisses for my mrs or is there my brains and cypress hill and my hand and all my land and oh wasnt it a band by my lethal beats

its crap can iphoney phone mr  phoney its always phoney and mr moany and to mr blonies with lethal cronies and  no tonies sad but true my hand well it went like elastic band fantantastic band blownie molonie like the time time to much balonie from to many of coz theres always that type with always mr irate arent we all trying to stop dying lying and spying does any body ever suceed with that oh no hard luck


doesnt mr spend bend it and lend  it oh no mr pipe with always a terrible gripe about mr grape who well what rymes with its lethal and sad all very bad

like mr balonie on iphoney can he never its never its always mr busy does mr bus always get a cuss aint the train always pain like mr movement

mr hate mail aint like blackmail or is there always sail oh what a bad tale dont tell dale becuase theres all ways no sale but dont it always fail mr email

or how can a sail get away no one can get rid of especialy from mr phoney but aint it blownie like the terrible times  and mr no sale could it not all fail hale the fail

was the paper always a teribble caper mr hate mail like blackmail and mr blood roody neverending  mail theres should be no sale by mr price or didit it always seem nice mr hate mail but mr price always have lice and rice and dice and isnt very nice at any cost

just like mr anti social media

mark sucker berg always a sucker for the anti social fucker

malonie balonie logging off does nt the tramp always have a stamp and aint damp and and have a cramp like mr tramp himself its always way to damp and reallly camp like mr queer withthe golden gear can anyone beat the fear

was nt mr crash because no one could slash at a stash or was it crash out and take a slash

what have ever happened to mr crapper werent we all up to late trying to put food on the plate in the state we hate because whats always on the plate and aint all mr irate and mr dictaphoney or was that mr dictate

could we reached  the end of mr bend because or was there wasno mr  lend we had to spend so we had borrow but was not always sorrow with nothing to lend

phoney the lot everying like everthing always except the true truth its all phoney ballonie

no all we have sorrow and nothing for tommorow  and can we borrow but there is tomorrow or was it mr hate and irate again all the now the cow and it always a sour puss

mr bend never does lend all he does send anti social hate mail does he  always meet a lorry and never say sorry and i worry hurry with that curry and its always all lethal like the blownie times of now the cow and it a sow where the plow up in the sky and we all dye wasnt mr cloud very tryiing to be proud but always far to loud so mr sky said we all die or that a lie mr eye spy who always was a phoney lie and didnt we try but we always die and cry and lie so have i got a good tie mr new sof the world

did nt mr hash always slash and the hash and no cash and now where to crash because of no cash wasnt that how we lost our jobs and our nobs and the state always hate whats on the plate

mr golden eye was a lie and mr die and mr cry and mr spy all along no lie just a phoney one all day every day ever you say like mr ray werent in cahoot  the  mr roots of the grape vine s and wasnt  it what ever you say anywhere on any day in anyway any where  and never fair play never a mr leave thats why theres mr terror  because mr qeer fear all day everyday and the lethal golden gear and the golden fear

no one ever beat putin the bootin did they or was it always nobble chinobyle dont it all wobble like a phoney lie about it mr rasputin was mr booting and always tooting and it went to tooting beck what heck now i broke neck who has a spek or mr respect noone only it nonly s ballonie phoney

exsposure verse time and i second is always fatal even to mr rasputing oh did rasp gasp llike a wasp terrible lie the eye please die cry lie all you want like eye spy sorry yes we all do ands it mr fatal pill aint il yes heres a quill write a good

mr putin will always have mr fatal petrol problems like mr 3 mile and the phone dial aint it all vile like mr cenile welcome the mile walk the lethal mile can anyone smile only with mr vile who cheats with bad dial and never can iphoney no one is ever alonie

mr tune is a sand dune with always a lethal no mr water sorry cant call a porter its slaughter like all our sons  and daughter no one gets a get quarter sorry mr movement

alonie blowlny always isnt it like good phoney

mr cheat and always the lethals beats and  mr record and mr record never does record it like phoney its mr queer and the never ending lethal gear and mr lethal point with a bad joint oh whats the point

see u all around cheers

mr nuclear is always the new kiler and well once side of argumet is true anywhere the what ever any onedoes world be phoney all you want never record it mr accord it

there always is good wobble like mr chinobyl

its blooney and phoney

its true cant we joint oh no sorry  its always a phooney saw point like all the ballony

wil come mr jack at ali a good crack and a good lie always

its true about mr 3mile the dial and vial cenile

good luck lethal beats all ways a cheat never complete

with mr chin wobble is it all one great big gobble like chinobyl

do what you wantgood luck its and mr and cluck and mr fuck

it was k pop what invented cenile wasat it mr good head trusted the evil vagina like all china who does not i dont

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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