oh well now you have done it

mr sore point aint he always saw watch out for mr point its always a lethal point

mr sas is always the best aint he

good luck dont we get let down by mr let down we all have to let him down like mr debts oor can we

sorry for my recordings im not a lordings its that always mr afford it but can record it or it mr record anyway

mr lethals

this malonie phoney balonie signing off good luck mr let down i remember mr cenile anit it ways a lethal vial denial and aint like mr good old dials

what does dials the vials say its always dylan the bloody villain and iphoney can i criminal

well can we half a laugh shall i saw you half and hows mrs other half trying to find another mr good fidelity

mr smell went hell and that where he always fell under spell and hell made a smell like a dell of a good shell whats the spell for mr magic whos always tragic like the occult is your fault they invented a jolt and they all lost a revolt to good old jolt in a vault of mr banker the mother fucking wanker could anyone ever beat a good old bolt not of a jolt but aint that a vault or fault of the occult

thanks everythings i love god the sod always gave the nod

i know really true things number abut aint it a blunder like thunder done we all wonder and dont it all rainy like elaine and brainy  and go sunder

mr price the bankerand great big wanker robbed everyone with so much money it can never be funny or is it lets see mr axe like we but always fax and the tax thanks mr axe your mate mr corny was horny but want it all thorny and rather corny

sorry see you around its malonie ballonie end of crap jokes and writing can i have a smoke sorry i need to meet a joke and a bloke let me see my cronie me canmy iphone

who beat mr battery thanks good night luck

may mr mightmare never some true i am liar and it like friar or am i

thanks a liot  peace and love to all have a good one and its all to blownie and moany with the time if the paper whatch the phoney caper and mr illegal taper like mr hate mail thanks and good bye

i wish i could be a bloke with joke and and be well im very ill

i hope i dont lost everything to mr senile with mr vial thanks cheers whens the trial or is always denial of trial well see and i have talking about the departments of no pensions and no works becuase mr tax the and did people always have buy mr rip off can iphoney

cheers he good iphoney but to much like mr price the banker the wanker cant he be thanker and fill up our tanker

good luck

thanks to ryhme and the time i have left

i wish people were like mr emotional torture to me for as long as they were

well anyway thanks good bye and mr price every get like sky with cloud that can never you proud is nt there always a shroud

cheers malonie phoney balonie

please dont touch  mr e aint or is he  lethal as mr always bloody lethal  or mr im para like the bloody robots of anroid google is to frooogke aint with time aint it never enough days to says the ways like end of days oh he plays the ways of the days never enough

thanks mr lethals i hope i dont lose everything cheers

mr key will always take pe and he does like it a key and aint you locked out its always bad jokes and bad blokes who mr anti social media

like mr clean the lke machine allways far to mean and aint it always keen to be mean just like mr machine

dont trust mrs mr vacine its always like machine way to mean keep it clean and sweet and never be to mean is that not mrs maxine are u rich bitch with always a lethal hitch like a rich bitch and always far to mean for to long like machine sorry but you good luck with mrs and mrs queer always the fear about ear no one can see that gear never in a years  good old balonie bitchs hate like fear and the qeery

some vacines like mrs and mrs maxine are lethal like a sicence of appliance never to be trust

theres always mr obscine vacine always phoney balonie no matter  what u do fuck dont take the that or trust themthey love to lie like a good bit of funny busines and no phoney can iphoney thanks mr lethals vacine are  a crime and they always make a corrupt dime and alway s bad rosemary time whenyou  dine when have  a dime oh wont yo be my valentine oh yes always mr obscene vacine and its crap fuck off i want a choice not mr head are bled are you so dead

so what if i reek like a geek thats mr enotional brain torture cheers for always doing it through me liar you are mr head one day youll be bled and dead as we all will

thanks good luck malonie phoney balonie just like the times and all like friar are you liar oh yeah you liar just a dyer and a tyer thanks all you liars and cheats mr balonie always wins dont he but aint he a hippo with zippo and a jippo good luck with my favourte smell mr liquid napalm thats always a good shave

i wish i could write a good joke and not be bad bloke to all good folk cheers  dont i stink like i think its true cheers bye end of post

ps good luck with mr phoney emotional currency aint that always mr irate and dont we hate no food on the plate or mr i addictate  mr flatter with a phooney batter cheers

where my aintt heorin sorry all birds nevers are trusted thanks mr mug and his thug oh aint you a big jug like a thug and a pairs of them lethal

i dont smoke because i dont like a bad joke i wish i could not we see but mr k pop well lethal done they want revenge for the what they did good luck

i know mr head trusted you or still does but good luck smoking sampoo or mr lethals gas

mr electronic so lethal more mr tobacco but dont it always go back it like jack and the hack and aint we aint we having a good crack did i crack you all up look at your back aint  it what u lack now w do e all get sack or do we aint i mr anti social yeah sorry

never a fan

i always have no clue and a bad flue


malonie phone bolonie cheers whats mrckrett get it just like the times does nt mr get away with it always or does he whats the nightmare aint so unfair or is it

time is whai it  is so make what you will u do with what u have where  u have it

dont you ear and hold my old dear like mr golden gear  aint it like a qeer and  like a fear and dont you get mr always jeering and aint trying to be  cheering or is it but aint alllike  tony slatery dont we have a flat battery  aint itlike  assault and battery  the fear aint funny like like all the balonie money and aint it always like me and the times balonie

can iphoney mr slate with nothing on my plate aint all a hate and its very very late we all love flatter but not the on  batter no never the batter  was it or aint it platter on the plater lets all natter and have a chatter with mr irate the man with the rate we  hate especially about all a good aint it good a  plate good with china aint it a problem ive never found anything finer  than in china or was it lethal vagina like the balonie times we have now

sorry bad blunder mr thunder went plunder

my writing is crap because im and im doing this with one hand and a bad  brain from my mrs elaine oh the pian i am insane

love malone phoney balonie cheers  mrckret

oh one more thing was mr clegg always a leg andlike keg of phoney balonie

mr clegg does always some eggs whats happens the legs when people fuck abouts eggs and kegs to much phoney balonie could anyone iphoney about it no it always phoney like mr telephoney but thats mr interest please hang it on my peg dont touch my leg

is mr liberal always very miserable because hes a loser  and mr green always after ever green doe he  any get ever its always obscene like like mr good price whos raises thrice like mr hammer and mr axe no ever beats mr tax yes always isnt  it a taxi like uber well bad

or do they its obscene mr anti social machine

as always my mrs is helping me with my brain and hand thank you my lovely elaine sorry about the lorry in in the lane its always terrible with my one hand thats where theres always mr corny and horny sorry love oh i wish i could get over mr cuts and not see mr buts and be a pain and and always complain

i wish i had more mr movement dont we all ifyou  meet mr pain an elaine especially with mr corny and horny there always trying to do the lawn for porn but everything gets mr and mrs scorn like mr anti social media

thanks elain cheers

mr movement good luck with that is int the always can we have a good old glory and and never mr new tory being gory like mr cuts to many buts and sluts like a  whore whos always sore

but elaine is mrs fidelity and i love here its always the brain and never the pain cheers

love you elaine and my brain cheers im never in pain thanks

i met a lorry in la ane i could i had accident i could i have worry or sorry was i always into much of hurry afer a good old curry then i met elaine and she sorted my brain and pain and my mrs


mrckrett good luck with luck with all the balonie times



About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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