well now is nt mr cunt always trying to punt at mr gamble and aint it shamble

oh yeah i did gamble dont we all like shamble

dont be in hurry about mr mcflurry its never as good as a curry

dont we all like pc polictically mr curry or was off by a mile aint it smile and mr denial aint vial dont we all go senile and a servile can dial sorry a denial andaint it  vile mr flatter and leave mr platter alone we could unless its only oneway

oh aint it mr denial being servial and cenile whathappened in the good  nile no one read my dial it went cenile like mr lethal carringdon at he always about happenthanks to elaine my pain and my brain is better is it or isnt it we never know because of mr vial and the dial and mr torture but he goes away does nt he or is int all phoney can iphoney

elaine the pain the gain and the grain arent we all insane in the membrane good mr cypress wasnt it

the man who started always  farted and mr smelt always delt itthe  smell is always hell like a boring old fart aint

malonie phoney ballonie again aint it all like mr roody time is there anything other now sorry noton froogle google or mr anti social media thetimes always wants a time and lime and what the about the grime time its crime time like mr to much slime what happend to rosemary time it went out the windows like a pc

can i phoney mr blownie mr flatery again  and never one iwho does to anyone except when they  want to charge a battery would we all like it another way with record it and who does affor it and  do mr lord i how does  ever afford it all he does is phone mr accord it and try get mr afford it to bad news all round

except no who is mr afford and mrs afford it no mr records of it because of mr blownie times

or is it who does record and acord it no every affords it except well mr and mrs  afford sad aint it cant we all no hardly at all  because mr hard work  dont do his  job he always a nob on the rob for a sad few dimes   wor k is mr work does anyone yeahsome are good and and can unlike is there a good job no now il have rob like a nob  because the dole lost its soul to mr can iphoney    aint it always blownie like the times

were all to annoyed with mr anti social media it really affects everything good is mr face hook here have left hook for being anti social


About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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