mr balonies aint we all like bellesconies and mr marconies trying deal the phonies or aint we all phoney and mr moany like mr neagtive who never shuts up and is always developed which is always a massive shame like fame of mr camera man

shutit mr flyer your always like mr dyre and a tyre always dyer because mr petrol always like everyone is with petrol cheers more baloonie as usual it time to close my mr ear and go some where else i wish i could
oh no not u mr datt you can be a prat and twat on repeat especiallly i wish i was not get millions of emails from you how you do like to be prat sad aint your ok i just heard to much usual everyone wants my secret sorry there all phoney blonies but then your perfect at anti social media crap anit u
oh no now mr slumbago aint like giant hippo the zippo and never cleaning up
i do i just always mr movement at all hours of the day its ok sorry i must quite my joke and be good bloke not smoke and clean up stop being a perve with optic nerve like mr nss and no esa all mr torture aint it always moving the same old hack like mr jack aint it all one big crack at mr ear aint it it
hello john perry when did lose your cheery went rotten did nt like the crime grime
thanks private dick i dont know if i meet mister evict do you ever fit in your pants
or was the meet me down the old vic and aint your try get on mr optic as always bad about my nerves you mr private dick good luck i cant cope with mr movemnt at the moment especially not mr evict unless i want to be victim which hopefully i never will be i live hope like bob but no i aint a vilian like bob or mr perry whos always after a cheery mr nsa again anit it put in pants because i aint going sorry to be adick im busy and i aint going your pants you are thanks its all a load wank aint it but who does anone ever thank only mr optic nerv the per or is it or do they mr nsa not really it all a crap trap and i need a slap cant we all clap him irons mr perry with the rotten cheery
thanks for dealing with prat called mr dat like you george ballonie i had wrong give the guy a slap dont he always need that like a good prat always does sorry guys
the perve nerv was mr perry that wss why his cherry went rotten or have i really forgotten cool anit cheers guy mr private alway you need to watch your pants there to small aint they but sorry its cool always happens with mr optic nerve dosnt it
it always impossible for mr private dick not be very slick im sick with mr movement and millions of messages like mr overload the download
oh god not mr dollar dont he allways holler and we never have a dollar or do we
hello dick powell didnt you howell i like a good bit of mr diamond hes the that awlays does the slick trick dont he
with the hollower are always a fouller and a prowller
its cool me im always malonie and ballony and im ill with mr movement and elaine the brain soorry its diamonds are always a good story aint it all a bad joke like my ballony life because i was and a fool who was cool with school in pool like an idiot
cheers just like to say hi to mr illusionary messages cheers
wan it uncle sam that bumped into in before i met elaine with my brain with a lorry and how how i sorry for my anccident
or was it a gremlin from the kremlin im never sure and a ceinile in denial and always feeling vial sorry
must deal with things thanks cheers malonie balonie
i forgot mr cronies because of cenile in denial was mr k pop always after me im not sure thanks mr lethals cheers

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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