mr browns and the crowns and the clowns dont you always frown because of them we all dont or we all do no joke aint it such a bad joke now theres no folk or a smoke crap aint it nevermind its allways terrible like the balonie times wheres the times and rhymes i met rosmary time after dinner but then i fell in with elaine the brain and went insane

aint the magic always tragic and anit always your fault with occult
and well aint well having a having a lugh and being sawn in half just for laugh hows your other half aint it a always a good mrs with plenty of kisses
malonie here again with ballonie and will mr ear ever leave no no one beats mr eat and especially the mr fear with queer ear aint that always mr moany though and it aint its so can iphoney sorry like mr flatter but you id like to batter
dont we all wish friar the liar would shut it like mr beats and his lethal cheats always on repeat
like mr piss off the toff whos alwways on scoff now we aint got shit because mr crown and the git but aint it always the same old story always rather gory and the bastard old tory always very revolting like an occult
and no mr and mrs head never seem to always revolting like an occult
i really dont want hear mr tory and the same bastard story and never ending mr beats by mr axe or mr tax or mr cuts
isnt it always the same and a great big shame and all rather lame
thanks guys malonie balonie having fun withmy phoney story
oh mirs may does she always way to say or get here way wish shed fuck off with same gory tory story and the lie and eye and how dont we all cry about a lie by eye spy the lie like mr camera man
and the good old hate mail and what the very bolonie times and the paper always with the caper wasnt it all a terrible taper that caper especialy like the no fun sun pardon the un and the gun no fun
thanks guy enjoy its malonie phoney balonie off to get a joke old of terrible smoke and its a always a bad joke
does nt mr amnesty international really exist sorry but thats all balonie to
there is a new form mr nazi and it new faascists with the brain and mr senile its quite fun
me i experience a form problems quite times
not mention mr nazi and his chips that good one but they why they all lose and meet eisenhoer if u wait long enough which we will
the plan of stealth is always no heath lose all your wealth as blackmail
people always want to try cheat and does mr chinbyl meet mr nazi every wear
never trust any of the drugs or there thugs they all end with slugs or mr nazi mind contorl
thats why eisenhoe mr wins can u good luck with the snip and the chip who always lies
all we have to the fascist is say please go ahead aint now we all dead yes thats why argument is comming tru isnt so much read a good book about it if u can
good luck with mr fascist torcher aint he
we alied to with same story by mr gory see you meet chnobyl
steath aint no health even to them selves good luck mr phoney always see u
no on like the true gory truth they lie
hope it aint good luck it s been done and stealth all there were bullied in a type sucide by mr cyanide hes good trust me its crap believe what u like chynobyl is chin wobble dont it always nobble like a good gobble
malonie baloonie good luck with mr nazi and his vacines and mirs smaxine
it a lie or is it always can anyone see past mr phoney only i did but thats why they want me is isnt
i will always be mreave or will i
see when mr adolf hitler becomes a reality just like before just slight different well but then aint this malony balonie phoney

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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