mr k pop and mr irate an mr dictate aint always it on top oh how we stop the pop because of mr k in special way like k captial there but he always does mr pop then it stops its tru aint it

yeah blonie is always alonie on mr im avenue because always to phoney but aint it all

this heart aint a tart dont i fart like dart and then everyones all faills part

ilaughing no its a smell from hell so they fell much like a number which is always dumber can i call a plumber sorry no lumber any good slumber mr beep and the sheep who never get sleep aint all a git like mr phoney git and the phoney hit mr friar was always such a bad liar giving the nod to god was always is a phoney sod is nt mr liar the bad friar fat mine was deep fat because we had  no hat and didnt  it turn out like twat he was alway prat with cat that shat like a prat who was all ways a twat and a lethal prat at that

malonie phoney balonie cheers i wish mr neagitive was always mr moany

wasnt the beastie boys always have feast and no one else or did they yes they did or was it friar the the liar aint he dyer about a tire no we could never retire from phoney blonie  yes my names malonie i have many mrckretts and there all bloney as are mr lethals arent they nah its friar the dyer liar we wish could god a nob but we always found a nob in our gob and no jobss  just kidding really wasnt mr kid

never be gangster theres always aprankster for law who always saw like whore like whos always sore with nothing score didnt it all floor now were poor and its all the last straw alway aint always poor like mr moor whos always ont the loor being poor like a good whore always sore with nothing score dont we draw the law like sore point

arent the silent so vilolent there always a deaf or is it who smelt delt it like mr friar the dyer liar wew  he would  always could retire from a liar aint it always so dire no none can retire he like mr let down aint it always clown with bad frown go away mr clown please dont frown we had shut the circus by going juggler who was always a  smuggler and dont  we always have to section mr  infection or was that because mr inspection

oh not another call aint always it like ta  wall aint you bloody up like it muppet because aint you like puppet or was mr muppet call again

the muppets and puppets lethal stay away from both them

shut it mr clown dont frown or it is sbecause i have buy the juggler because of the smuggler get mr inspection quick aint it quick to deal mr lethal private dick or are so sick your mr slick the dick  no i dont want lick you mr prick so fuck off didnt web all go abit diccy

because its stinks how it thinks

does mr de niro alway try and be ahero and always end with a zero like mr nero

dont talk places theres never enoughs spaces for the cases at  the races

dont talk mr pinter your always a bad splinter in a lethal winter

does nr mr cop at the top always take a lethal pop and does it stop or do we all have drop is it or do  spread the word like a  nerd who never has a bird but how could he smelling and yelling  like a terd

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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