mr petrol fatal in many ways with it or with out

can we repair a burnt to cinder world good luck aint it all a good phoney

is mr nightmare right mr terror is why  they are the way they are and well its always never mr get away it is it me i think the argument came true and nothing accepts its now its slow burn out sorry to much mr light who how can be like fanny and ever right

i do know some mrckretts all mr lethals and mr no health and mr no wealth

aint a live but what living or trying to can it

int mr peach not like a leech or beach or yeah i reach a beach it all does

but it is

i hope can get a garden on enear  beachi beg your parden why do want u garden

we all wish it werent true about mr lethal beats and phoney malonie cheats but mr ear is like mr optic always on everyones nerves like perv and those that  talk but dont walk

i dream of my peach by the beach yes elaine the brain and shes just like a peach she aint leech she does a screech or does she its cool

thanks see you mr anti social media and around i hope i can a pound dont we all

mr bastard petrol and mr lethal tanker from mr banker wanker that stole everyones money and no it was not funny we could no longer afford milk and let alone the bread we all dread being out of i dont i just love fruit anit  it cute but then wasnt to much of brute no that was mr jippo the mans who always tries to steal zippo and give me jippo because hes as big as fucking hippo and mr smoke is such a lethal joke i was good bloke and could tell a good joke and never smoke and be a good bloke and know some good folk like the music aint we in a band or wasnt it band im a one band with an elastic spastic hand cheers

malonie phoney blonie end of post

run from mr gun doesnt he always good pun with bun and no its lethal fun like always being run

doesnt mr balareineer always have a bad deameanor

cheers i hope we all do grow a new world with mr lethal gm thats all ways toxic mr sick and the phooney big dick whos allways in mr privates opitc nerve like and the perves and the nerves bad but thats why it perv like mr grape who like them always have a snip and and really bad jip and no mr hip

About mrckrett

I am a disabled person thats into computers and the internet and music and hiking and I like studying things and collecting things and arts and crafts
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