album tributes

are going to be with my friends writen entries typed by me
and dictated by them with want for a better phrase
because there special people its better way to do it
and there favourite albums
sorry my writing is awfull
we live in scary times
got to be extremely careful i know everyone always likes to try and take pieces out of me thats how it feels
trust me it does or be weird

glyph not complete yet missing one track and wrong order but an album recording
for you lord nelson on wards and upwards cheers to tim our magic friend

dan my friend hes a good man to know sorry bad quality i need to buy the album
and its from you tube un edited lemon jelly ky album 9 tracks with adverts

cd cover.png

for my albums i like just one recording of all tracks tracks can be made availble
i like to just listen these days there are tons of music to get through
constantly listening or repeating tracks is bad like repeating bad ideas or problems or mistakes
but now and again can be great