music and drama and media


audio copy of alex h sunset melodies authentic ilusion LOWER DATA USE

alex h costa di notre 007 from from digitally imported and you tube ok recording quality not his music of course
my favourite the main title image is staying in honor of the best and sunset meledioes

alex h la costa di notre 006 from you tube
a great thing to listen to silk music chillout from duck duck viewer prefer that to you tube but does not embed as well

thought id post the orginal so people can choose
also well working on some chillout recordings which will up here soon
still trying to get my clock right and timings of it all plus presentation
but you know having fun on a winters evening enjoy

trance pulse dublin mix from shoutcast

first ever ubuntu studio recording i did when i recycled an old had
graphics card issues great stories
orson wells sam spade and edgar alan poe story volume slightly to loud

1mixradio recording from shoutcast

stunna green room animate bassdrive shoutcast

bass drive continued on another recording session

more bassdrive

silk msuic deep house chillout tv recorded from you tube

Richard Diamond hat pin case crime time shoutcast talk old time radio sections

Richard Diammond mrs william baker shoutcast talk otr

paul temple and the gregory affair dont want to say where this from

same spade 100 thousand dollar caper crime talk otr shoutcast

johhny dollar didnt catch case name also from crime time shoutcast

dragnet from audio noir or crimtimee not sure which poor quality

absolute favourite wish i was micheal horden from sound cloud lord of the rings
quality not 100 percent

indian meditation music from estorica shoutcast meditation new age section

silk music from you tube for my mates party

hall of the moutain king favourite metal album of all time recorded from you tube

1 mix radio long a nd b side from shoutcast trance section

from classics and great artists silk music from you tube tv

silk music chillout tv i call it zen chimes i faded it and out
my title because of secret zen chimes and ryhmes and a party someone wanted me to me to do some music for
the album of recording zen chimes whats the time sorry about my grime are you a fan of crimetime sorry about the past shoutcast is better than
forget about the mess please no stress but please dont add to the mess or they ll be stress
see you at the party mate

deep forest classic amazon jungle .com base thats where i play this sometimes

this one is classic and well reminds of a friend though he has his own special tribute soon to be here mr notorius big niggas bleed just us from you tube

this one my mate the giant tiny tim and it shis tribute he is overkill
and this is overkill album by motorhead he does also remind of notorious big because hes big and well a giant fro m you tube and he is a gentle great guy love him and saloob &
friends this ones for them as well

absolute masters from them direct

grey radio from shoutcast they were good till adeverts hopefully this has none

atlas corporation on shoutcast trance section

more from the masters silk music i discovered on a few years ago
silk music from there you tube tv station

more from silk music from there chillout tv channel

pure fm from

my favourite hip hop song of all time and reminds of magicians mathematics and writing all top secret bullet proof maths no id skys the limit
and its all a bit like we all are at the minute poor and skint

really cool from 1 mix radio future sound of egypt shoutcast very cool station 1 mix radio been listening to it since i had my first mac all those years ago

great meditation from estorica fm mediattion and shoutcast

not sure might be a double post but an excellent recording for you dan the man

classic chillout tune reminds of harold bud and zen balls
shaolin sessions by harold alexis from you tube silk music

estorica fm from shoutcast meditation n morning relaxtion session

trance pulse dublin trance shoutcast a good station hardly any adverts
i listened them when i was using and xbox best station on tunin after chilltrax
but chilltrax went neagtive in my mind
and they disaapeared along chillout ecco sea ecoo sea was brillant for chillout
i still have some of rare gem recordings of them

trance pulse dublin from trance shoutcast

trance pulse dublin trance shoutcast

really good one from silk music tv

ori from shoutcast cant remember if its from his station or 1 mix

pedro del mar mellomania 1 mix radio

the mix that made me do something about evil fags that leave everything rags and smell like nasty slags and we all gag and oh time for another fag wheres my pipe tobacco shag

shoutcast 20000 from shoutcast trance
enjoyed them

great photo reminds me of some one special

love this reminds me of special phones and special days bring back the blackberry bold it was taken on all those years ago
i like the days we live in now except well the economy and i miss a special friend that photo is a keep sake of

another great spot i love

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